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One of our favourite Ceramic Artists

Images: Stephanic McLeod

Food looks and tastes infinitely better when served on a beautiful plate. Maybe not scientifically proven but we can vouch for it and that holds some weight, right? And in the search for beauty, it’s hard to go past some stunning handmade ceramics. A trend that is proving to last, and one that will add layers of beautiful texture into your table settings.

So we have sourced some of our favourite international ceramic artists to help your collection get underway, or if you’re like us, just keep growing and growing. Our first artist, Naomi Bikis of Bikis Ceramics, hails from London and her unique, one-off, heirloom worthy pieces will swiftly become a well loved possession. We chatted to her about how she started, drawing inspiration from fashion and what recipe best suits one of her favourite pieces.

What inspired you to hop behind the wheel and start creating your pieces?

Initially I began making ceramics around 4 years ago as a way to retreat from my computer and explore something creative beyond my day job.

When I first began making wheel thrown ceramics it was literally a case of ‘could I make something with straight sides?’ As I developed as a ‘thrower’ (a slow and constant state of development) I began to experiment with more ambitious forms.

These days I tend to make a lot of vases and am drawn repeatedly to bulbous, wobbling shapes inspired by artists like Thomas Rentmeister, ’70s interiors and Bellini sofas. At the moment I am trying to pare things back slightly. Which means there’s been some swatting up on the Ptolemaic and Roman periods, as you do.

You have years of experience in fashion. Has that influenced your work in any way?

Fashion is a huge influence. Which is interesting since my attraction towards ceramics was that it was something totally removed from the industry. I love to look at designers’ colour combinatons, their sets and then later, editorials. Often it’s not ceramics themselves that are very inspiring to me but brilliant shoots that might spark an idea.


What are some current trends that you’re loving? Or do you have any sneaky future trend predictions?

Ohhh I think there’s a big thing for ‘objects’ at the moment. Pieces that don’t have a specific function that sit somewhere between craft and art and functional and not. I make lots of hoops and cones and blobs and see these dotted about on shelves.

I also think people in general are so much more open to buying handmade pieces and investing in ceramics, hopefully that’s not a trend that’d going to disappear anytime soon!


Do you have a recipe/dish to match your current favourite piece?

I can’t claim this recipe is mine, it’s a favourite from Anna Jones’ cookbook but I’ve been making these a lot and they’re so pretty you can’t really go wrong. Somehow things just taste better when eaten off a great plate and when all you had to do was smush it into a baking tray. These are some Summer Rhubard Bars and work perfectly with my blush or navy plates.


Naomi Bikis



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