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Here at maggy, we believe that beauty and styling can shift a rooms atmosphere into comfort. And homes should be a place of comfort where family and friends both feel welcome and open to the celebration of life. That is why you should never underestimate the power of a beautiful piece of art, arrangement or, in today’s case, a ceramic. 

After chatting with Naomi Bikis of Bikis Ceramics we felt inspired to seek out more ceramicists, particularly those of individuality and style. We soon came across Bon Ceramics and were blown away by their dedication to finding artists and giving justice to their work. PLUS – they ship worldwide. We chatted with Simon from Bon Ceramics on the inspiration behind the wonderful company.


What inspired the idea to work with multiple ceramicists from around the world and compile their work into one place?

A couple of years ago we were walking down the street in Copenhagen and we kept seeing these little ceramic studios everywhere with amazing handmade products displayed in the windows. Unfortunately they were almost all shut and the ones that were open didn’t have anything in stock. We asked around in the interior shops if they were stocking any local ceramists but they almost exclusively carried ceramic objects from established brands.
After finally also failing to find anything online we decided that we had to do something to help make these rare objects available to the world. The following year we launched Bon with 26 wonderful designers in our roster.

What draws your eye to a good designer/ceramicist?

It’s all in the details. Our aim has always been to present innovative designers who push the medium forward, and this is usually done by meticulous experimenting. A good example is Dutch designer Kirstie van Noort who went on several field trips to the abandoned mines of Cornwall, UK to collect minerals in the ground from which she extracted unique pigments to be used in glazes. Glazing itself is an artform. Sometimes it can require hundreds of different mixes and firings before you get a satisfactory result. When someone can handle their glazes, you know they’re a good ceramist – and that they probably learned the hard way.

What recipe or dish perfectly suits your current favourite ceramic piece?

A portion of ramen soup served in a simple noodle bowl is hard to beat. Like our Udon bowls by Miro Chun – it’s just something about how the dish and the bowl have developed into perfection together over the centuries that makes it a very authentic dining experience. Here in Berlin there’s a popular ramen place where the owner makes all the bowls himself, all in different glazes, finishes and sizes. It really adds a dimension to your meal.


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