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This styling and recipe Queen will inspire you

You’d be forgiven for dreaming about these Lemon & Rosemary Mini Bundt Cakes for the rest of the day (we certainly will be), and you’ll soon find that just about everything Anisa Sabet produces will make you feel the same.

She consistently creates not just beautiful recipes, but then shoots stunning images as well. And if one person couldn’t already have enough talents… her event styling and production curating the Hidden Feast events is inspiring to say the least.

So when searching for people to interview that we’d know you, our entertaining and foodie loving friends, would love, Anisa was very very high on the hit list. Have a read below of our chat with her, and then go spend a few hours scrolling and getting lost in her work.

What is your favourite part about entertaining or cooking for guests in your own home?

I absolutely love entertaining and cooking for friends. I love bringing together of people to share a meal and catch up. Everyone works so hard and not always gets the time to eat a meal with their friends or family, so it’s a joy to be able to do that for them. Plus it’s always great to have taste testers that aren’t my poor husband.

Do you have a dream location or design aesthetic for a dinner party that you’d love to host?

I’d love to host a dinner party in Sardinia because it’s my favourite place on earth. I’d seat guests along the cliff, set the mood with candles and lanterns and make a menu of the freshest Greek food (think seafood, seasonal vegetables, rose wine and home made baklava). Can we go now?

Do you have any go-to entertaining meals or tips for last minute gatherings?

For last minute entertaining, it always helps to have cookie dough in the freezer (honestly a fresh baked cookie + scoop of ice cream is surprisingly impressive) and cheese in the fridge. No one shy’s away from a cheese plate. My favourites include muscatel grapes (don’t buy them, they are seriously overpriced – just chuck any red grapes in the oven on 120 degrees for 6-8 hours), sicilian olives, lavosh crackers, dark chocolate, tamari almonds and fig paste. When entertaining never forget a good playlist (Dinner Party and Eats & Beats on Spotify are my go-to) and lighting (candles, lanterns) – these elements set the mood with little effort.

What are some current recipe or styling trends that you’re loving? Or do you have any sneaky future trend predictions? 

I think we’ve seen a real saturation of dark and moody photography which is absolutely lovely and I will personally never tire of it, but I suspect the market might move a different way in the coming years. I’m invisioning a re-invented light, bright and crisp style of photography.

Where do you find your inspiration for new recipes?

I take inspiration from lots of places, be it a beautiful meal at a restaurant, food discovered when travelling, or even just flicking through magazines and Pinterest. I often try to re-create meals at home or join a few recipes and put my own twist on it (sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t).

What advice would you give to a host who is wanting to create a delicious menu but not be caught up in the kitchen away from their guests?

I always like to keep entertaining as simple as possible by pre-preparing  most of it, and just popping it in the oven or onto the stove as guests arrive. I always try to create a little theme or mood with my dinner parties as it makes it easy to plan a menu and select drinks that match. Some of my favourites are Asian Street Food Night (think dumplings, gyoza, bao’s, slow cooked ribs etc), Mexican Fiesta (DIY tacos, nachos, MARGARITAS) and my Alpine Cheese Raclette Party (seriously you have to try it!). Sometimes I even print out menus for guests to see what they’ll be eating which is always fun.

I’m actually working on a cookbook that will be set around creating easy-to-do dinner party menu’s for fuss free entertaining. It’s still a way off but I am really enjoying working on it.


Anisa Sabet

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