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We’re Elise & Annika, the sister duo behind maggy, and we’ve combined our years of experience in events, styling and recipe development with a love for throwing the perfect dinner party to create this wonderful hosting hub and the maggy eBooks.

We have (quite happily) tried and tested every aspect of what maggy has to offer, and we can’t wait to see you rediscover your love of entertaining through it.


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maggy loves | Bon Ceramics

Images used by permission of Bon Ceramics Here at maggy, we believe that beauty and styling can shift a rooms atmosphere into comfort. And homes should be a place of comfort where family and friends both feel welcome and open to the celebration of life. That is why...

DIY – Oh So Pretty Mini Cakes

Delicate miniature cakes are perfect to serve at an afternoon tea, or along with tea and coffee. But if freshly baking cakes falls to the bottom of your priority list in the lead up to your event, then we have a sneaky little solution for you. These bite-sized cakes...

Raspberry and Basil Cocktail

If you aren't convinced that good tasting food and drink can take just a few minutes to whip up then give this recipe a whirl.  Its fun nature can be enjoyed by you and your friends post meal as a desert replacement or to be sipped by the pool. Basil and Berry...