Basil and Berry Cocktail

A sweet and vibrant burst with every sip.
If you aren’t convinced that good tasting food and drink can take just a few minutes to whip up then give this recipe a whirl.  Its fun nature can be enjoyed by you and your friends post meal as a desert replacement or to be sipped by the pool.

Basil and Berry Cocktail

Prep Time: 5 minutes + 24 hours to infuse vodka

Serves: 4

500ml Weis’ Summer Berry Sorbet
160ml good quality Vodka
8 leaves of fresh Basil
4 fresh raspberries
1. To infuse the vodka, place 4 leaves of basil into a jug of the vodka and leave for 24 hours.
2.  Using a blender, mix the sorbet and infused vodka (along with the infused leaves) on a high speed for abour 20 seconds or until combined.
2. Pour cocktail mix into four glasses. Top with a basil leaf and raspberry. Serve immediately.

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